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Starting at $650

Healthy blonding is my passion. Creating dimension in your hair is my favorite thing to do,

whether it be through detailed foilwork, balayage (free-hand painting) or, a combination of both! I can create a customized look just for you.

"Lived-in" refers to color placement being the lightest and brightest around your face and through your ends, while maintaining the natural depth at your base.

I use Albage NOT traditional bleach and will improve the condition of your hair with each session. Most "maintenance" sessions run


Please keep in mind more than one session may be required to get you to your desired look.


Starting at $450

Halo Couture extensions are the best temporary hair extensions on the market. They are virtually damage free and can be worn daily or for special occasions.

They come in a variety of lengths, thicknesses, and colors. The traditional halo is worn on an invisible wire similar to a strand of fishing line. It stays on all day long and is very comfortable. Most women wear a halo for length or fullness.

There is also have a top piece that is especially nice for someone who has fine, thin hair on top and is looking for more volume. 

Schedule a consultation today to see which halo is best for you!


Starting at $500

These extensions are virtually undetectable and once they are installed they will last an average of  3  months. They can be customized for even the thinnest, most finely textured hair.

There are no limitations when it comes to styling. These extensions are nearly maintenance free and only require daily brushing.


You can add 1-2 bundles for a little extra fullness on your sides or a pop of color through your ends. A full head installation (4-8 bundles of hair) is required when wanting to add length.


 A consultation is required prior to booking any extension services.

All new clients require a consultation before scheduling an appointment at Studio 655 Salon.

Please fill out the New Guest Inquiry form.

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